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AAAAAAAAAAA THIS BEAUTIFUL SHOW IS COMING INTO MY LIFE TOMORROW (or Tuesday, I guess, since things usually take a day to reach the internet) AND I AM SO EXCITED.

If the caps abuse didn't make it obvious enough.

I've been looking through the promotion stills and oh my giddy aunt everything is gorgeous. I'm excited to see Sean Bean play Eddard Stark and break my heart and Lena Heady kick ass as Cersei the Queen Bitch. And I can already tell that Peter Dinklage is totally going to own the role of Tyrion Lannister. He's just got that kind of weary irony impression. The landscapes are gorgeous and colors look AMAZING. It's all slightly desaturated -- to enhance the impression of "Starkness" I suppose -- and I am a huge fan of the desaturation tinge. I use it in nearly all my color grade shots. And I am ready to wet myself at all the glorious period costumery that will occur.

I've read that the script will actually keep closely to the storyline, and this makes me happy and sad at the same time, because if you've read the book, there is Major Character Death and it's got me pulling a longer face than all the generations of Starks combined.

Rereading the books now aw yeah.

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