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Fringe was just AMAZING tonight. I fully absolve J.J. Abrams for the entire Lost debacle--it's in the past--because Fringe is honestly one of the most hair-raising and suspenseful shows I've ever watched (well, not last week's episode. That one was kind of a dud). More than any other show, this is the one I am itching to sit down to and watch next week.

Spoilers from this point onwards, so if you haven't seen this episode yet or are planning to pick up the show, run far away, Scar, and never come back. The plot twists are seriously worth being surprised for.

This week's episode was set in the alternate universe. I'd like to take a moment to discuss the show's format; this season splits the show between Olivia's home universe where Peter and the rest of the gang don't realize they took home the wrong Olivia and the parallel universe in which the real one has been stuck, and it seriously works.

During the episodes in the regular universe, it is positively frustrating to watch how easily Other!Olivia has insinuated herself into their lives with hardly a ripple. You want to reach into the screen and shake Peter for not realizing she isn't the same woman he fell in love with (on that note, oh god the delayed fulfillment of this romance is killing me! It's not as bad as it is on Bones, but it's getting there. You just know this Other!Olivia is going to screw things up between them)

And during the episodes set in the alternate universe, you get Olivia struggling to remember who she really is while kicking ass with the parallel world's Fringe division. It's exciting to explore this alternate universe because they're so much more technologically advanced and backward at the same time. I am also going to miss the alternate universe's Fringe division team. I've missed Charlie and his gung ho manly sweetness, and I am positively in love with Nick, and not just because he's probably the prettiest boy in this show (sorry Joshua Jackson, I love you but your lazy eye and Dawson's history cancels you out, and also you are sleeping with Other!Olivia. Bad.). Both of them are not around in Olivia's universe, which is a complete and utter shame. Also, Astrid is kind of a robot here, and that's awesome.

Fringe 3.07 : The Abducted )

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