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Mar. 22nd, 2011 11:55 pm
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Went and drew Miss M, for she is the most Unassuming Badass to ever Badass. Unassumingly, of course.

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In other news, had my first Actual color grading project last week! Went well, I suppose, though in my usual self-deprecating manner, I will add that I don't think that the director really had a specific look in mind for the spot, and it was a pro bono thing so I probably won't get paid much (BIG surprise there). Gained experience, yes, but until I am the director of an internationally acclaimed, award-winning animated film, all achievements are dust in my own eyes, bluh bluh bluuhhh.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good.

I think I may possibly prefer color grading to online editing. The pressure in color grading is an entirely different sort -- still hell on the nerves, but all you have to worry about is color (in online, you worry about color, keying, supers placement, blemish clean-up, fancy special effects, and stitching everything together in a lovely package so that the clients will shut up and let you go home for a decent few hours' sleep), so I ended up not throwing up (which is apparently tradition for all first time colorists). That, and you get to play around more.

So, cool. Cool cool cool.

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Back from the animation film festival! Didn't win, but I can safely say without any bitter cattiness that a lot of the animated shorts there wouldn't have passed muster at UP. A lot of them were just animated jokes without much in the way of social or cultural significance, which is something the UP panel always looks for.

Still, there were a lot of amazing submissions to the festival. The winners were all hugely deserving of their awards and these past few days have served me as a kind of spur to do them all one better the next time around.

So the pilot episode for the animated Young Justice finally came out! I watched it last night, and pretty much stayed up until four AM just watching and pausing and looking at the pretty.

Because oh my giddy aunt am I in love with every single member of this team.

I know this is supposed to be a kid's show, but I swear they are marketing this thing especially for me. Pretty boys, pretty boys everywhere! Everyone is so ridiculously good-looking that I wonder if I should feel pervy because they're all pretty much underage.

Not only are they all so very excellently drawn, but the personalities the voice actors bring to the table are amazing. The animation is smooth and consistent, though I find it a bit odd that Kid Flash is usually drawn running at a normal speed. I'm guessing that's got more to do with story problems than with animation, though.

While I'm not too keen on a straight-haired Wonder Woman (not that it matters because she's probably not going to show up much anyway -- and that is a major reduction of points right there), the character designs are pretty much flawless. The costumes are still classic Young Justice for the main three, but they've got nice modern touches, like Kon's spiffy new boots and that awesome little computer on Robin's wrist.

Young Justice 1.01-1.02 )

Lastly, the worst thing I can say about this show -- and this really is something I hate with every fiber of my being -- is that I'm going to have to wait until next year for another episode. Outrageous!

Right, now that that's over, back to The Walking Dead. God this show has me nail-biting on the edge of my seat every. Goddamn. Minute.

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