Apr. 15th, 2011 09:11 pm
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Last night I mistakenly declared that I would not rest until there was a little bit more Dave-Jade in the world.

So I am operating on three hours of sleep and this is all I have to show for it.

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Hell, why not throw another Homestuck doodle into the mad journal updating pile, to celebrate my finally catching up to current events. There is clearly so much better to do but while the spirit is willing, the body is a lazy turd.

MC: throw doodle )

Sort of hate not having a buttload of entries to keep me busy, but omg it is kind of exciting to be able to watch events unfold in the proper time frame for once. This is like catching up to Doctor Who, only I don't have to wait months and months before witnessing miracles.

miss em

Mar. 22nd, 2011 11:55 pm
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Went and drew Miss M, for she is the most Unassuming Badass to ever Badass. Unassumingly, of course.

goddamn clouds )


In other news, had my first Actual color grading project last week! Went well, I suppose, though in my usual self-deprecating manner, I will add that I don't think that the director really had a specific look in mind for the spot, and it was a pro bono thing so I probably won't get paid much (BIG surprise there). Gained experience, yes, but until I am the director of an internationally acclaimed, award-winning animated film, all achievements are dust in my own eyes, bluh bluh bluuhhh.

Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good.

I think I may possibly prefer color grading to online editing. The pressure in color grading is an entirely different sort -- still hell on the nerves, but all you have to worry about is color (in online, you worry about color, keying, supers placement, blemish clean-up, fancy special effects, and stitching everything together in a lovely package so that the clients will shut up and let you go home for a decent few hours' sleep), so I ended up not throwing up (which is apparently tradition for all first time colorists). That, and you get to play around more.

So, cool. Cool cool cool.

oh jegus

Mar. 13th, 2011 02:24 pm
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Since Homestuck has basically consumed my every waking moment


All of the trolls are my favorite. All of them. But particularly Karkat. I think it's good to make fanart every now and then.

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