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So, started reading this and for a while I was afraid this was going to be a Serious Series. That's not usually a bad thing, but when you're building a series around characters like Hogun, Fandral and especially Volstagg, seriousity means you're missing out on a very great thing.

And when you begin an issue with the crime scene of a massacred town and grotesquely piled bodies? Um, you start to wonder: am I going to feel massively guilty for laughing at something soon? Is there to be a Giggle Loop?

Answer? Yes. Giggle Loop it is. Starting with Fandral doing what he does best (and sporting a wicked set of abs while he's at it, look!), Volstagg doing what he does best (causing despair to all who serve him in his repast), and ending with, for the very first time that I've seen him, Hogun the Hatless. Also doing that which he does best. Which is tavern brawling.

These three are possibly the reason why I've read so much Thor. Yes, the man is all noble and badass and (quite importantly, because I am shallow) gorgeous, but I perk up whenever these three guys show up in his life.

We next learn that Fenris is on the loose, and also that he's something of an asshat. I mean, other people would just call to say if they were in town, or write a letter of some sort. It's a very particular brand of people whose notes require a body count.

The preview indicates that Fandral does his lady magic with Scientist Helen. I can't say I'm surprised. Is the next issue really called "My Own Private Ragnarok" though? Because if you've seen that movie -- well, as much as I love the Warriors Three together, I've never really wanted to think of them in that way together. Great movie, though.

So, in conclusion? Could have been funnier, but I'm grabbing the next issue when it comes along, story be damned. It's the camaraderie I'm after. I'm not even entirely certain what's these scientists from Midgard were doing there in the first place. Mostly because I glazed over whatever it was they were saying because I just kept waiting for the three to pop back in.

In fact, if I were to be completely honest, I could have done away with the whole Fenris plot completely. Show me a series where all these three Asgardians do is travel around the modern world in style (and by style, I mean on their goat-drawn sleigh. Very chic. Pashmina, possibly.) and make fun of Volstagg's girth as he eats people out of house and home, and I will be there with a wallet full of my hard-earned cash.

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