Fandom post: Wonder Woman (2017)

Jun. 16th, 2017 03:39 pm
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Wonder Woman (2017) (10/10) → The ending was clunky and if it were any other character I would raise an eyebrow at the cheese bUT??? Everything else blew away any of my nitpicks! Just. SJKDHAKSAHDJH

I loved the Amazons' fighting style! So. Much. The twirling, the tandem attacks, the holding your ground ;A; Spoilers. ) I love the Amazons in general *clutches face* There were old Amazons and WOC and even if most of them were warriors I think there were artisans, farmers, etc. during the first part with young!Diana. Please give me more of them in Justice League ...

The Diana/Steve was also so good; both of them were fleshed out characters whose story arcs and missions were separate from each other even if they did complement and overlap. Spoilers. )

Diana's squad was the best ffffff. Those little lines about Steve's people taking everything from Chief's and Sameer loving acting but being the wrong color ;A; I wanted to yell in the theater. (I need to go through AO3 to find out if there's squad fic for them already.)

This was. This was just a great movie, guys. If you're only going to watch one DC movie this year, this is it.

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